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Jason Latham, aka JLay, is half Samoan, half American; his family moved to Southeast Georgia from Samoa after he was born and he was raised there until he was 18. Jason has been surfing since he was 12, as well as skateboarding, playing basketball and football throughout his childhood.

Jason went back to Samoa after graduating high school to catch up with his family and culture, and to also pursue his favourite sport, which has always been surfing. He surfed empty waves in Samoa and it really took his surfing to the next level so he felt he was ready to follow his dreams to Hawaii. After leaving Samoa at the age of 21, he moved to the north shore of Oahu where he tried SUP Surfing for the first time. He fell in love with the sport and has been doing it ever since.

His biggest achievements in SUP are winning an East Coast Championship with the Eastern Surfing Association in 2015, designing his first pro model board in 2016 and winning first place in a professional short film festival with a SUP video he was featured in. Jason started his own SUP school in 2017 and has been teaching surfing lessons and taking clients on Paddleboard tours through the beautiful marshes, rivers, and swamps of coastal Georgia.

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