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Tremayne grew up in a little village called St Lawrence, which is very close the beach. His grandfather, who was a well-known and respected fisherman, taught Tremayne everything he knew about the ocean and would let him accompany him on his boat. The first sport he tried was long distance running, but that quickly came to an end due to a minor back injury. Tremayne first started SUP when he was 14 years old but only got his first board when he was 16.

His main achievements in the sport are winning numerous local competitions which resulted in him being named ‘Surfer of the Year’ three times in a row. He also competed alongside his family in the World Dragon Championship in Barbados and won, becoming the world champions for 2018. When he isn’t competing or training, Tremayne teaches SUP Surfing and leisure paddling, introducing people from all different walks of life to the sport.

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