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Zane Saenz grew up in Oahu Hawaii, about 20 minutes from world-class spots like Sunset Beach and started surfing when he was just 7 years old. Soon after, one of his friends who was a SUP pioneer, Hilton Alvez, introduced him to SUP racing. When he was 8 he started racing in local long distance races.

He got into SUP surfing at around the same time and started on a 6” shortboard. He was addicted and has loved the sport ever since. He grew up watching the APP Sunset Beach stop and it was his dream ever since to compete there and win. That dream looks promising for the Hawaiian young gun, as he is the current back to back champion for the USA SUP Surfing JR Championships. In 2019, he competed on the APP World Tour for the first time at Sunset Beach when he was just 15 years old, making it to round 3 in the Men’s division and 3rd in the Under 16 category. Later that year he competed in Barbados and got 3rd in the U18 category, truly making his mark on the world tour.

He has taken up a variety of ocean sports since then such as outrigger paddling, foiling and wing foiling, but his eyes remain firmly on his ambition to one day become the APP World Champion.

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