After a frustrating 'leap year' for global sport, the APP is proud to announce its return to action for 2021 with a full line up of events spanning the globe and set to provide the World's Best Athletes with a phenomenal and well rounded challenge in their quest for the World Title as well as providing opportunities for every level of paddler to get involved with the return of our City Paddle Festivals. 

World Tour Opener, Spain

We have an interesting scenario for the World Tour Opener, where we have two venues vying to host this prestigious event that will kick off the 2021 season. Given the current global environment, this process has taken longer to conclude than we would have hoped, but we expect to be able to announce the location and final dates within the next few weeks.

6th - 8th AUGUST


Switzerland SUP Open, Switzerland

London will be the first event of our European Triple Crown: a series of 3 high profile World Championship Tour stops and City Paddle Festivals held in some of Europe's most recognizable Cities. The London SUP Open will bring a mixture of World Championship Tour competition, all access, mass participation and a very complete Urban Beach Lifestyle Festival to the heart of one of the World's most iconic Cities.

13th - 15th AUGUST


World Tour Race 3

The exact location is to be announced, but Switzerland is set to be the location of the second stop of the European Triple Crown and our third City Paddle Festival of 2021. This exciting new venue will provide an unparalleled experience for everyone from Pros down to entry level participants with the backdrop of one of the world’s most dramatic and naturally beautiful landscapes.

3rd - 5th SEPTEMBER


World Tour Surf 1

French Polynesia will host the opening event of the surf season, kickstarting what will be an action-packed and exceptional surfing tour. With a new venue in the works for 2021 in Tahiti, we are excited to be back in this South Pacific paradise, and to include a World Class lefthander into the mix to challenge the World's very best SUP Surfers.

7th - 12th SEPTEMBER


Maui Pro-Am, Hawaii

The Tour will then move onto the Island of Maui for a mix of World Class Downwind Racing and the ultimate Surf Sprint Racing at Ho'okipa Beach. With a 4-day holding period and 2 days of action to be held on the best 2 days for each respective discipline, the Maui event will deliver some of the most spectacular racing action of the year held on the sport's most infamous natural racing arenas.

14th - 17th OCTOBER


Gran Canaria Pro-Am, Spain

We are once again excited to return to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the climactic close of the 2021 season, at a venue that has delivered so much over the past few years of action on the APP World Tour. From the Island's laid-back vibe, to the incredible surf that we have witnessed over the event's history, we expect no less in 2021 as we look forward to crowning the surfing world champions at the finale of the APP surfing World Tour.

20th- 28th NOVEMBER


Paris SUP Open, France

It will then be the welcomed return to Paris, France to combine the annual pilgrimage down the River Seine with a supercharged indoor event inside the Salon Nautique. The ultimate stop will undoubtedly provide a dramatic final weekend of action that will close the 2021 APP World Tour in style and crown the Sport's Racing World Champions for both Men and Women. And remember, this will also be the closing event of the European Triple Crown, with this new and prestigious Title on the line for the World's Best.

3rd - 5th DECEMBER


Sunset Beach Pro, Hawaii

The annual pilgrimage will then bring the Tour back to the sports birthplace, in Hawaii for the prestigious Final for 2021 and the longest standing legacy event for the Tour at Sunset Beach on Oahu's North Shore. Standby for spectacular action during the peak of Hawaii's winter surf season at one of the world's most iconic surf breaks.

18th - 28th JANUARY 2022