The APP World Tour was founded and developed by the Waterman League, an event management and media production company with Offices in Portugal, Hawaii & London, focused on developing multi-disciplined water sports. The term 'waterman' refers to versatile athletes who can engage in various forms of water sports at the highest level.

As founders of the Professional World Championships for paddlesurfing (also known as stand-up paddling), the Waterman League has been crowning Men’s and Women’s Professional World Champions for both racing and surfing since 2010, with flagship events across the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, now branded as the APP World Tour.

The APP World Tour is recognized and sanctioned by the IOC Federation for Surfing Sports, the ISA (International Surfing Association), as the Official Professional World Championship Tour for the sport of Stand Up Paddling.

The APP has also developed its City Paddle Festival approach to its World Tour events in major Cities across the globe, providing participation opportunities for all, regardless of age, gender or ability. With everything from competitive pro-am racing through to entry level fun races, SUP Yoga and youth clinics, the APP's flagship events deliver something for everyone from participant to spectator. For more on the City Paddle Festival approach, go to 

The APP World Tour produces a complete inventory of programming, including live and post produced broadcasts from all its events, with distribution to over 100 countries worldwide via premier global networks such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports Australia.

More Information is available at and fans can follow events @appworldtour on Facebook & Instagram. For more information on the APP’s City Paddle Festivals please visit


Built off the original core values of the Waterman League, the APP World Tour continues to perpetuate its principles:

  • Tradition

  • Innovation

  • Passion

  • Respect

  • Versatility













We are committed to ensuring an entirely positive impact through our sports activities across the globe: from the creation of opportunities for upcoming athletes through this unique professional platform, the nurturing of youth development through youth programs and clinics, to initiatives that can make a real difference to our precious environment, the Ocean.

Stand Up Paddling is a naturally powered sport that attracts a demographic who are inspired by the outdoors. They are committed to playing their part and protecting our natural playground. The APP World Tour is committed to ensuring we have a positive impact on the environment. We do this by supporting programmes, raising awareness and proactively supporting the local communities working alongside our CSR partners to amplify their existing efforts or creating new opportunities

Outside of the tangible efforts on site across our global events, through our globally distributed programming, we are committed to delivering responsible and positive messaging for future generations to follow, providing inspiration and showing by example.


  • CEO: Tristan Boxford

  • COO: Dani Pellissier

  • Director of Media: Christian Henning

  • Director of Global Partnerships: Marti-Spahni

  • CEO of APP Africa: Mounir Sada  

  • Director of Emerging Markets: Fernando Fernandes


  • Global Management: Ericeira, Portugal

  • Partnerships Office: Baar, Switzerland & London, UK

  • Media Office: Oahu, Hawaii

  • APP Africa Office