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Welcome to APP Ride of the Season, a virtual World Tour where men and women from across the globe can compete for a spot on a coveted trip to Hawaii, simply by uploading a SUP surfing clip to instagram. After two-months of action-packed competition, with over 500 entries from SUP surfers across the globe, both pros and weekend warriors, the winners of APP Ride of the Season have been crowned by our judges. 


Pro Men’s 

1st. Marcio Grillo 

2nd. Luiz Diniz 

3rd. Caio Vaz 


Pro Women’s

1st. Nicole Pacelli

2nd. Iballa Moreno 

3rd. Vania Torres


Women’s Unsponsored

1st. Kaede Inoue

2nd. Josselyn Alabi

3rd. Sakura Inoue

Men’s Unsponsored

1st. Taka Inoue 

2nd. Gero Rogers 

3rd. Alan Te Moananui



1st. Take Inoue 

2nd. Kaede Inoue 

3rd. Emma Webb

It is the top three pros for men and women and the top unsponsored athlete for men and women who have been awarded a trip to the iconic Sunset Beach event in Hawaii for the ultimate all-stars showdown taking place February 2021.