Grand Slam

OCT 14th - 24th

The Hawaiian Grand Slam will come in two epic parts in celebration of the homecoming of the APP World Tour to the birthplace of Stand-Up Paddling.

Part 1: OCT 14th - 17TH


The grand slam will kick off in the paradise that is the North Shore of Maui with surf sprints in Ho’okipa. The event delivered world-class action back in 2016 and 2017 as the pros battled the waves, the wind, and each other. It will be an inevitable battle of the elements that promises a spectacle for audiences around the world.


Part 1 will also feature the Maliko Run, the holy grail of downwind paddling that sees athletes paddle 10 miles in some of the best downwind paddling conditions you will find. This race will feature both a pro and amateur division.


Part 2 : OCT 16th - 24TH

Part two of the Hawaiian Grand Slam will feature one of the fastest downwind runs in the world that connects the 27-mile stretch between the islands of Maui and Moloka’i. Both pros and amateurs are invited, offering all paddlers the opportunity to experience the thrill of the fastest downwind run in the world. Then it is another surf sprint race in the Maui county.


Both events of the Grand Slam will feature holding periods to ensure the best conditions for both the downwind races and surf sprints.


The grand slam will see athletes navigate through the Hawaiian Island chain to take on the challenges that each unique location serves up, in what will be an epic return to the birthplace of sport.



The Hawaiian Grand Slam will feature:​

  • Action-packed surf sprints in Ho'okipa, Maui 

  • The prestigious Maliko run open to both amateurs and pros

  • The world-renowned Maui to Moloka'i downwind run, open entries but competitors will be subject to screening due to the challenging nature of the crossing

  • More surf sprints on Maui county


Competition Overview

13th October: 

  1. Opening night Venue TBC 

14th - 17th October​​​

  1. Holding Period for Downwind Race from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha Beach Park (to be held on the day offering the best wind conditions)

  2. Holding Period for Sprints at Ho’okipa Beach Park (to be held on the day offering the best surf)

18th - 21st October:

  1. Holding period for the Maui to Molokai Race

21st - 22nd October: 

  1. Community Day on Molokai with Youth in Motion

23rd - 24th October: 

  1. Holding period for Surf Sprint Race

24th October:

  1. Closing event for the Hawaiian Grand Slam

Detailed Schedule to follow



Hawaii Venue Addresses:

  1. Race 1: 

    1. Downwind: Maliko Gulch to Kanaha Beach Park, North Shore Maui

    2. Sprints: Ho’okipa Beach Park, Paia, Maui

  2. Race 2:

    1. Downwind: DT Flemmings Beach Park to Kaunakakai Harbour



  1. Maui: Kahului, Maui (OGG)



  1. Subsidized Car rental options will be available this month right here and all major car rental firms are present on island

  2. There is a good bus system operating on both Maui and Oahu

  3. Board logistic plan in motion

  4. Uber is alive and well throughout the islands and works well





​World Class Action; Unparalleled amphitheater for surf sprint racing; the World's very best downwind race tracks; this is the APP World Tour