5 of The Best Stand Up Paddle Destinations in the World

As global travel is looking more and more promising for 2021, don't waste any time in planning your next SUP adventure! We have compiled a list of the best destinations in the world to go Stand Up Paddling to help you plan your next trip.

1. Norway

Paddling the fjords of Norway is one of the most breathtaking SUP adventures you could possibly take yourself on. The towering cliffs make you feel so insignificant yet so alive at the same time. Many rivers flow through UNESCO world heritage sites and the locals are some of the most friendly. It has been described by many that when paddling through a Norwegian fjord, you will find your aha moment, that awakening of the soul and mind, a connection with nature, inner peace.

2. Australia

There’s no place like Australia, especially for SUP touring. The limitless waterways always present themselves as possible SUP routes. Rich in Indigenous history, the rivers of Australia tell the story of what life was like for the original inhabitants of this land. You can find rock drawings, read about the aboriginal people and their insightful way of life and also how the river sustained indigenous culture. You really will feel part of the landscape. From inner city harbour and river SUP experiences to multi-day SUP adventures along expansive rivers, you’ll never miss out on a paddle here.

3. Canals of Amsterdam

Get ready for a city SUP adventure like no other. The intertwined canals of Amsterdam make for the most extraordinary SUP experience in this small city. An easy way to get around, SUPing the city will allow you to see all of the sights and sounds from another perspective that many tourists don’t get to see. To make the most of it, stay a few days in the centre and venture out on a different SUP route everyday, you will never get bored of watching the bustling city go by from the calm and tranquil canal. A highlight would be paddling past the zoo on the outskirts of town, or racing your friend through the seven bridges or just meeting new friends on the many houseboats that line the walls.

4. USA

There are plenty of rivers that span across the whole of the country, but for a real SUP adventure you should venture out into the desert and canyon lands of Utah and Colorado. This wouldn’t be for the faint hearted as you need to be self-sufficient for many days on the river, however this would be a trip to remember. Canyon walls tower above you and the landscape is ever changing which makes for very interesting paddling. The scenery is just breathtaking, stunning and bewildering. This is the ultimate river SUP adventure.

*A permit may be needed for some areas so check with local authorities.

5. Any Waterway near You

Want to know the best thing about SUP? You can go just about anywhere! Your own backyard and local area has many waterways just waiting to be paddled and unknown stories to be exposed.

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So it’s time to get back on the water and enjoy the one thing that connects us, SUP and our love of the ocean.