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Calling all SUP racers... the APP is giving you the opportunity to join a global, virtual leader board with our brand-new Fast Track challenge. This Instagram-based competition is all about speed. We are welcoming both professional and amateur racers the opportunity to show off how fast you can really go to determine the fastest racer in the world. Submissions open on the 1st July and close on the 31st August, so read on to find out how you can enter…


To enter our competition, you must paddle for fifty metres, aiming for the fastest possible top speed over the course. All entries should be on relatively flat water with no downwind or fast river locations and you must start sitting down and stationary, and you cannot use foils.


In order to be considered in APP’s Fast Track competition, you must film the run and provide proof of your top speed to accompany the clip, which could be on a GPS, a watch or phone. Then, post both the video and a screenshot of the GPS or a GPS file which showcases your top speed to your Instagram account with the #APPFastTrack alongside #Unsponsored if you are not an APP seeded athlete. And then let the battle commence! Entries with the fastest top speed will be placed into a dynamic, online leader board. We will maintain one for sponsored athletes and another for unsponsored athletes, and if you get bumped down the leader board, not to worry- you can submit another entry to beat your last. It is a fight to the death to determine the fastest racers in the world.


The top three fastest times for both Pro men and women will be selected for the APP Fast Track Showdown with the final location to be determined. Within the unsponsored division, the man and woman with the fastest top speeds will the join the top pros on the Fast Track Showdown. This will be a trip of a lifetime and will be released on July 1st. There will also be numerous product prizes up for grabs for those who don’t make it on to the trip, so there is still glory to be had.

1. Paddle 50 metres as fast as you can.

2. Record your top speed on a tracking device.

3. Post to Instagram with #APPFastTrack alongside #Unsponsored if you are not a seeded athlete.

On your marks, get set… paddle!

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