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APP Fast Track Tips with April Zilg

The APP Fast Track virtual contest is now open, giving racers from across the globe a two month window to submit their fastest speed over a 50 metre distance, whether you are a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior. To enter, post the video and GPS proof to instagram and tag #APPFastTrack alongside #Unsponsored if you are not an APP seeded athlete.

April Zilg's Fast Track Tip series is to assist those paddlers who want to push their limits and work their way up the leaderboard to ultimately earn a place in the international showdown. With April's help, you could be racing like a pro in no time and here are her first three tips...

1. Do Not Switch Sides with your Paddle

When you are sprinting over the 50 metres, do not switch sides with your paddle. Since the goal is hitting a top speed, switching sides is only going to cost you hull speed - so don't do it!

2. How to Paddle Straight

If you do not switch sides with your paddle when sprinting you might have some trouble paddling straight. To paddle in a straight line you must ensure that your paddle shaft is planting straight, perpendicular to the water whilst your hips are square and your shoulders are down and back. For a more in depth explanation, see April's blog post: https://www.aprilzilg.com/post/suptiptuesday-tip-6

3. Getting From a Seated Position to Standing Quickly

Sit with the handle of your board right under your centre of gravity; your hands must be on the rails of the board. When you're ready to go, roll your weight forward into your hands whilst squeezing the rails of the board with your inner thighs. This supports your body weight whilst you get your toes out of the water and on to the board. Once on the board, you can use your toes to jump up into the standing/sprinting stance. The faster you can let go of the rails with your hands and get your paddle in the water - the better things will go: forward momentum will cancel out any of that wobbly side-to-side momentum (just like moving forward riding on a bicycle is easier than balancing still in a parking lot). Don't be afraid to try this at home first - if you have any sort of platform you can use.

Follow @appworldtour for a brand-new Fast Track tip every Sunday, and follow #APPFastTrack to check out the submissions so far.

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