APP Fast Track Winners Announced as the Virtual Competition Comes to a Close.

As SUP competitions around the globe were cancelled, the APP set out to create a pandemic-friendly competition that allowed all SUPers to stay motivated. The APP Fast Track was the solution. Over the past two months pros and weekend warriors alike have been pushing their limits to reach the highest maximum speed possible during a 50-metre sprint. Now that the two months is up… the fastest racers in the world have been assembled and the winners have been announced.

Men’s Pro

  1. Connor Baxter (12.4 mph)

  2. Rai Taguchi (12.11 mph)

  3. Tommaso Pampinella (11.93 mph)

Tommaso Pampinella became the first male pro to enter APP Fast Track. He sat in 8th place for the majority of the competition but was planning his Fast Track comeback like a SUP assassin silently in the background. In a bold comeback, on the final day, Tommaso dropped an 11.93 mph Max speed, claiming third place overall.

The first-place trophy proved to be the pendulum between Rai Taguchi and Connor Baxter until the final minutes of the 31st August, as both were reaching unprecedented speeds, each topping their opponent. The Japanese bullet, Rai Taguchi, dominated throughout the competition, being the first racer to hit 12 mph, pushing APP Fast Track to the next level of speed. However, it was Hawaiian Connor Baxter who emerged victorious, in a late surge, hitting a max speed of 12.4 mph, beating Rai by just 0.29 mph.

Women’s Pro

  1. April Zilg (11.4 mph)

  2. Chloe Walkerdene (9.44 mph)

  3. Kirsten Marina (9.38 mph)

April Zilg unsurprisingly takes first place for the pro women’s category after showing dedication like no other throughout. After she initially set a training regime with the aim to reach 9mph in 9 weeks, she obliterated her own target with a final submission of 11.4 mph.

Kirsten Marina and Chloe Walkerdene took second and third place after relentless training regimes, showcasing their commitment to the APP Fast Track. Chloe found the second highest position on the podium after April Zilg, building her SUP speed up to an impressive 9.44 mph. Kirsten narrowly missed out on a second-place finish, trailing just behind Chloe with a time of 9.38 mph. It is fair to say that the APP Fast Track women’s pro smashed it out of the water this year!

Men’s Unsponsored

  1. Campbell Carter (11.8 mph)

  2. Donato Freens (11.74 mph)

  3. Kane Degrauw (11.49 mph)

The Unsponsored male category has certainly exposed some future world champions. Dutch Donato Freens (11.74 mph) and America’s Kane Degrauw (11.49 mph) were reaching radical max speeds throughout the competition and took second and third place respectively. In first place, it seems, is a SUP racing prodigy. On the heels of the likes of Connor Baxter and Rai Taguchi is Wrightsville SUP Club’s finest, Campbell Carter who hit 11.8 mph and came out on top in this category.

Women’s Unsponsored

  1. Caroline Küntzel (12.42 mph)

  2. Emma Engle (11.4 mph)

  3. Holly Pye (9.77 mph)

Caroline Küntzel and Emma Engle truly battled it out until the end. Both have been pushing each other throughout, dominating the top two spots of the women’s unsponsored leader board. In the final hours of the Fast Track competition, Emma Engle posted her fastest max speed yet, a blistering pace of 11.4 mph! But this just wasn’t enough as Caroline claimed first place with a world-beater time of 12.42 mph.


As well as the prestigious title of APP Fast Track victor, the top three pros from each category win a trip to a final showdown, to prove once and for all that they are the fastest SUP sprinters in the world!

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