As competitions have been cancelled across the globe due to COVID-19, the APP has set out to throw SUP lovers a lifeline. Introducing… APP’s Ride of the Season. We are inviting both World Tour and amateur athletes the opportunity to submit videos of their best waves for this all new Instagram-based contest which opens on 1st July and closes on the 31st August. Whether you compete regularly around the world or are a weekend warrior, we want to see clips from everybody who is passionate about SUP surfing.


Entering our competition is simple, all you need is an Instagram account and a clip of you SUP surfing a wave. A submitted ride can be one radical turn, a barrel, or a ride that links together multiple manoeuvres (if you are wanting to really show us what you’ve got). Post your best video to your account and use the #APPRideoftheSeason in order to enter. Amateur rider submissions will be reviewed in a separate category by using #Unsponsored along with the #APPRideoftheSeason.


The initial shortlist will be based off the number of likes your post receives on Instagram and absolutely anybody can vote for your clip just by liking, so get pestering your friends and relatives. Weekly reviews will establish a leader board of submitted rides and highlight stand-out performances.

This likes-based shortlist will then come before the APP World Tour’s Professional Judging

Team at the end of August, headed by none other than APP Head Judge, David Noirrit. It does not matter whether it is a ten-foot ferocious barrel or a two-foot beach break, each athlete will be judged on their approach, style and commitment, regardless of the conditions. It is not about the size of the wave, but what you do with it… David will be taking over APP's instagram this Saturday at 11am EST to outline exactly what the judges will be looking for in the submissions.

The judging will have two categories, the professional athlete category and the amateur athlete category, for those surfers who are not an APP seeted athlete. Within the professional category the top three men and top three women will be awarded a spot on the APP’s coveted Media Road Trip. Within the amateur category the top man and top woman will join the top pros on the road trip. For those who do not quite make the top spots, there will be an array of product prizes.


These winners will be whisked away to one of the world’s surfing meccas for a peer-driven, free-surfing showdown for the ages. The winners in both categories will battle it out for APP’s title of performing the Ride of the Season during a weeklong road trip, location to be announced July 1st, in search of the best waves this location has to offer.

Ultimately, the men will judge the women’s waves and the women will judge the men’s waves where a leader board will be maintained throughout the week. It will come down to crowning the Ride of the Season at an awards ceremony at the end of the week.

If you think you have what it takes to take to the road for an incredible adventure, grab your board, grab your paddle and head to the waves…