Arthur Arutkin on Windsurfing Woes, Red Bull Heavy Water and his Plan to Regain his World Title.

Born in the windsurfing hotspot of Wissant into a family of a windsurfing champion sister and keen windsurfer father, it was a natural introduction into a life as a waterman. Arthur Arutkin surfs, windsurfs, races and has recently begun kitesurfing, making him a chameleon of the ocean. After several years on the APP World Tour, Arthur was crowned Racing World champion in 2018. He returned in 2019 but could not maintain his grasp around the crown taking second place overall behind the Viking, Casper Steinfath. With a fresh motivation for the year ahead, Arthur reviews his performance in the 2019 tour and reveals his game plan for beating nemesis Steinfath in 2020.

What was your highlight o