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Diving Deep with Martin Vitry

At 21-years old, French SUP racer Martin Vitry has already paddled his way to two European and five French Championship titles. 2019 was Martin’s first full year on the APP World Tour, where he ranked fourth place overall, which he professionally labelled as “pretty sick.”

Martin has been quarantining in South East France with his little sister and parents, where there have been restrictions on paddling for over two months. Despite this major setback, Martin believes quarantine has actually benefitted his training. “I actually feel even stronger, like a superhero, as I have spent more time working out rather than on the water.” But as the restrictions in France ease, Martin has not wasted any time and has jumped straight back into the water to resume his focus on the 2020 tour.

2019 was Martin’s first year on the APP World Tour where he competed in every race. He raced in London, New York, Osaka, Paris, including taking on the Red Bull Heavy Water event in San Francisco.

Reflecting on his first APP World Tour, Martin admits, “Japan was my favourite event, the energy was so high, but it was also the most challenging for me. I flew there on Wednesday, when the race was on Saturday, so I really struggled with the jet lag. I only slept two hours the night before the race… I felt empty.”

Martin put on an impressive performance in New York, securing a second place overall behind Arthur Arutkin, earning himself a place amongst the best racers in the world.

“I was in great shape in New York, but in Japan not so much. This year I am going to take each individual event more seriously, to keep high energy at each stop of the tour. You have to be on top form on the day of the race, not just in training.”

Martin is looking towards 2020 with more determination than ever to snatch the APP World Championship. When asked what his next goal was, he answered straight away with, “the world title. If you win the world title on the APP tour you are the best racer in the world for a whole year, that is pretty crazy.”

“This year I am looking to beat the three guys ahead of me. Casper Steinfath, Arthur Arutkin and Michael Booth. I have changed my coach and I know myself better now too. Each of them has a weakness and I am working to be better at their weaknesses."

Coaching Martin is no other than APP's long distance Champion, Michael Booth. Michael ranked third in Men’s Racing overall in 2019, so if anyone can coach Martin to the top of the ranks it’s Michael. APP sat down with Michael to discuss this budding athlete’s potential. He tells us,

“The goal of any coach is to make your athletes the best they can be. It would be amazing to see Martin reach the top and achieve his potential. His progression over the past year has been very impressive!”

When asked whether he believes Martin could make it to the top, Michael answers “he is very talented, so if he is consistent and continues to work hard like last year, he can certainly become world champion.”

This year the APP World Racing Tour will visit Gran Canaria with the annual finale in Paris and Martin is gearing up for a win in Gran Canaria.

“I am really looking forward to the surf race in Gran Canaria. I loved the waves in New York last year, it is my type of race and I think I am good at it… the other guys are good too, but I think I am better.”

With fighting talk from Martin Vitry and belief from Michael Booth, are we looking at the next APP racing champ?

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