The APP launches its all new Immersed TV Show Series to air every 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month

Immersed TV Premiere: This Wednesday

Having withdrawals from all things SUP whilst in quarantine?

The symptoms are as follows:

- Finding yourself mindlessly watching YouTube clips of APP’s last tour.

- Hanging pictures of this year’s tour locations on various walls around the house.

- Obsessively scrolling your favourite athlete’s Instagram account until you realise you are forty weeks deep.

Not to worry, there is a cure.

This Wednesday, APP is delivering your SUP fix right to your door with the premiere of Immersed TV, a brand-new, digital Sport’s Talk Show. On the first and third Wednesday of every month, Dreu Murin will bring you all the latest SUP news from across the globe. From quarantine, in his freshly ironed shirt and his “comfiest pair of boxer shorts,” Dreu will provide insight into your favourite athletes’ lives and give you tips on how to look after our oceans. Immersed TV promises to make self-isolating a little more manageable for all you water-sport enthusiasts.

Dreu tells me that the athletes are still “busy planning, training and having fun whilst in quarantine” and our show will provide exclusive access into the lock-downed lives of the world’s top athletes with a talk show each episode. This week, Izzi Gomez is joining our host to discuss her highs and lows of the last APP tour.

Still want more?

Ocean activist Zane Kekoa Schweitzer is here to help. Each episode he will set a #DeepBlueLifeTips challenge for you at home, helping you remain environmentally friendly wherever you are. Even more, Dreu is back to give us his top 3 entertainment picks; a perfect cure for your SUP withdrawals.

“I think the show will definitely get people fired up to get back in the water, learn a little about the athletes and also bring back the great moments of the 2019 APP Tour”- Dreu Murin.

Tune in tomorrow for all of this and to watch our host touch base with the heads of APP and WPA to see how their tour dates are looking with updates on event postponements, cancelations and new events on the horizon. The first episode will be launched at 10am EST on Wednesday 1st April on the APP's YouTube channel.

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