Update on the 2020 World Tour

As Covid-19 continues to dramatically affect the world of sport, the APP has restructured this year’s events to focus on finishing the year on a high. Read on to find out about our updated plans for the 2020 season and how we are committed to providing the opportunity at every level to shred, to race and to win.

With travel between the US and Europe complicated for the foreseeable future and the travel ban for Australian residents likely to stay in effect until the end of the year, it has become clear that crowning a World Champion with the best in the world in attendance with tour stops across the globe as the APP World Tour does, is not achievable in 2020. As a result, the APP has focused on delivering two major 'World Cup' designated events in 2020, to wrap up the year in style and celebrate the sport at every level in two iconic locations and provide the perfect springboard into the 2021 season:

  1. Gran Canaria Pro-Am (20th - 29th November): featuring the SUP Surfing World Cup in 2020, the European Racing Championships (featuring Surf Sprints and Distance) and the Inflatable SUP World Games.

  2. Paris SUP Open (4th - 6th December): featuring the SUP Racing World Cup for 2020 (Indoor Sprints and Distance on the Seine), as well as the traditional and long-standing Nautic Paddle down the River Seine.