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Update on the 2020 World Tour

As Covid-19 continues to dramatically affect the world of sport, the APP has restructured this year’s events to focus on finishing the year on a high. Read on to find out about our updated plans for the 2020 season and how we are committed to providing the opportunity at every level to shred, to race and to win.

With travel between the US and Europe complicated for the foreseeable future and the travel ban for Australian residents likely to stay in effect until the end of the year, it has become clear that crowning a World Champion with the best in the world in attendance with tour stops across the globe as the APP World Tour does, is not achievable in 2020. As a result, the APP has focused on delivering two major 'World Cup' designated events in 2020, to wrap up the year in style and celebrate the sport at every level in two iconic locations and provide the perfect springboard into the 2021 season:

  1. Gran Canaria Pro-Am (20th - 29th November): featuring the SUP Surfing World Cup in 2020, the European Racing Championships (featuring Surf Sprints and Distance) and the Inflatable SUP World Games.

  2. Paris SUP Open (4th - 6th December): featuring the SUP Racing World Cup for 2020 (Indoor Sprints and Distance on the Seine), as well as the traditional and long-standing Nautic Paddle down the River Seine.

Whilst it is disappointing to not be able to complete the Tour as planned in 2020, we believe that these two events will provide the best possible solution to what has been a challenging year for sport as a whole. Furthermore, these events, along with our two virtual competitions, APP Ride of the Season and APP Fast Track, will keep the action and excitement fever pitch, and the entertainment, second to none.

Gran Canaria Pro-AM to bring a SUP Surfing World Cup, European Racing championship and opportunities for participation at every level.

This year's Gran Canaria Pro-Am will provide the perfect gathering point for the sport after what has been a difficult year for everyone. With competition and participation for Surfing and Racing and all ages and abilities, the Gran Canaria Pro-Am will serve as the perfect celebration for the sport in 2020. Here is the low down on what will take place at this year's Gran Canaria Pro-Am:

SUP Surfing World Cup:

The annual gathering of the world's best SUP Surfers will once again take place at the now renowned hot spot of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this year under the designation of 'World Cup'. After two years of epic surf and after a year on hold due to Covid-19, you can guarantee that the action will be red hot and the competition fiercer than ever. With $25,000 of prizemoney at stake, the world will be able to watch the World's best go blow for blow at one of Europe's premier destinations from the 20th - 29th November 2020.

In addition to the Professional Showdown, there will also be:

  1. An Open Trials event for aspiring Pros and weekend warriors to step up and be counted, with the top 4 earning their place in the main event

  2. The 2020 Youth Championships for SUP Surfing

European Racing Championships:

For the first time ever and given that it is anticipated that travel within the European Union should be relatively relaxed by this time, the APP will be hosting the first ever APP European Racing Championships in 2020, to be held in the South of Gran Canaria from the 20th - 22nd November. This event will crown the 2020 European Champions for Men, Women and Youth, awarding $15,000 of prizemoney, as well as celebrating Open Age Group divisions, with participation for all.

Inflatable SUP World Games:

The Inflatable SUP World Games will be introduced in 2020 to provide a fun and all-inclusive event concept for all the family, friends and competitive rivals alike. With Individual, Relay and Team formats available for all ages, this event aims to celebrate the fun of the sport, participation and quite simply being involved.

More official event information will be released next week, with entries and packaged travel to Gran Canaria for the Gran Canaria Pro-Am to go live by mid-July. Stay tuned to appworldtour.com and @appworldtour for all the latest on the Gran Canaria Pro-Am.

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