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You Asked, Iballa Moreno Answered

Iballa Moreno is a true Waterwoman. We know and love her from her dominance on the APP surf scene, but she is also the top of the national, European and world ranking for windsurfing. In 2018 she was crowned world champion on the APP World Tour and now at forty-two years of age, she is still blowing us all out of the water. APP opened the stage for you to ask Iballa Moreno your burning questions and as promised, we’ve got the answers for you. Read on to hear about her childhood, her proudest accomplishments and her favourite waves in the world.


Do you enjoy teaching surfing?

IM: Yeah! I am actually a surf coach. I completed my qualification in coaching a few years ago. I organise SUP clinics with my friend Oscar in the North of Spain and in Fuerteventura. I have met so many people motivated to learn, and I love teaching people little tricks about surfing… Yeah, I really like it.

Do you think you’re a good teacher?

IM: I don’t know. I think Oscar and I are a good combination. He is a professional teacher and I can give tips on competing professionally. I can identify mistakes well and correct them, but I also learn from correcting others. I am a beginner at being a teacher, so I really learn from it.


How has sport improved you as a person?

IM: In a professional way, I have become very disciplined. In a social way, because of travelling you get to meet new people and learn about others. For example, Shakira and I have shared so many things together which has been really great. I do believe that sport helps you to become a better person in every way.


What boards do you have?

IM: I have starboards, production boards and custom boards too. For competitions, I mostly use custom boards as they are more suitable for surfing, but I usually change my board depending on the wave. For training I always use a production board.

What do you think are the best waves in the world?

IM: I would love to travel and search for more great waves but from the ones I have surfed, El Lloret in Gran Canaria, lots in Indonesia and my favourite on the tour last year was by far in Bridgetown, Barbados. That was really fun.


How old were you when you started SUP?

IM: The first time I ever took a board out was in 2009, so I was 31, and by 2012 it was my first competition with APP on the non-official women’s tour.


What is your regular training routine that made you one of the best?

IM: Well at the moment I’m training at home. I try to keep my mind busy and train once or twice a day. The most important way to train and improve is to be in the water as much as possible, but I think what got me to the level I am now is staying motivated. That is the key to being able to keep training and compete well. Outside of training, I watch a lot of videos and analyse them, learning from my own mistakes.


Where is your favourite surf spot?

IM: Where I live in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

What are your goals for after quarantine?

IM: My goal is to just get back in the ocean, I really miss it.


What title are you most proud of?

IM: Every competition is important but winning at home in Gran Canaria with APP in 2018 was truly special, as my friends and family were all there to support me.

What is your next dream?

IM: I am actually living my dream right now. I never thought it could be possible to combine two sports with SUP. Since I found SUP, I have been living my dream and I can’t think about anything better than this.


What is your at home workout routine?

IM: My little brother sends me routines every week. I spend a lot of time on the bike trainer but also do a lot of physical training. I do a lot of cardio but always switch up the routines I do.


How did you learn to surf?

IM: I started body boarding when I was 8 years old with my twin sister in Gran Canaria and then when I was 13, I got a surfboard. When I found windsurfing it took up most of my time, but I never left surfing. I always surfed when there was no wind and now, I’m surfing more than ever because of SUP.


Quién es tu cantante favorito/a?

Who is you favourite singer?

IM: Pink, I really loved her Fun House album.


What are your three favourite surfing days ever?

IM: I don’t really know what my top three would be. For me, the most special days have just been days in Fuerteventura where there are good waves, being in the water with a couple of friends.

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